Courtesy of Gale Monda


a - Section party at Blue Angel - Bhavan
b - GySgt Ev Williams leads march - 1959 Bhavan.
c - Joint Military day = Bhavn - Ray Chase and Gale Monda in top row

MC Ball 1959 - Bhavn

Graduation Class from I.B.

Liberty nights in Kami Seya - 1961-1963

More liberty nights

Co E photo Misawa 1973

Ann Margaret USO show in Chu Lai 1968

Johnny Rivers USO show in Chu Lai 1968

Chu Lai site 1968

Gen Walt and I - staff club Da Nang

Jim Mentaply, Jimmy Weeks and Charlie Watt - Da Nang 1967

Dong Ha site

VP Hubert Humphrey, Gen Westmoreland and Gen Walt presenting medals to Marines - 1967